Veteran's Day at Indian Creek

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Subject: Veteran's Day at Indian Creek
Date: November 2nd 2017


Veterans Day is approaching on November 11, and IC will recognize this important holiday on Friday, November 10.

Last year for Veterans Day the school decorated the bus entrance with WW II veterans’ photos that are friends of mine, and this year it would be nice to include photos of your family members who have served in the military.

If you have a photo you would like to include of a family member, send it to my email with the veteran’s name, branch of service and your family connection to your child ; this includes any family member(s) serving at this time. The photo may be of your child’s mom, dad, grandparents and so on.

Please email photos to Mr. Steve Hardwick, 5th grade teacher,

On Friday, November 10, we invite any of your family’s veterans to join us here at school to stand outside with your family’s student for a silent dismissal. Each Veteran and their student stand together with the American Flag, as students pass by and show their appreciation as they board their bus.

This allows our student body to recognize and honor you for your service, which enables them to connect Veterans with what they have been learning in class.

Veterans may begin arriving at 1:45 for some light refreshments, good conversation with fellow Veterans and to look at the displays honoring our Veterans.

If you are able to join us l please email Mr. Steve Hardwick, 5th grade teacher, so he can get a head count:

Thank you,

Steve Hardwick

Army Veteran

5th Grade Teacher

Indian Creek Elementary

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